Monday, 22 August 2011

Changing my mind

I have mainly used this blog to post my various jewellery designs, but due to declining health its got to go onto a back burner.  This leaves me with a blog and no content.  hmm what to do . . . . i'll change my mind :)

This will no longer be a blog of designs (though im sure a few might shoulder their way in along the way) nope this will be a blog of ramblings about my various cooking and baking.

You see im an avid baker, have been since I was old enough to hold a saucepan without dropping it on my foot.  Give me a recipe and i'll make it, wont eat it (too many allergies/intolerances/just plain dont like it) but i'll make it and usually serve it up to the family for approval.

The other thing is my son is a coeliac, so I do alot of gluten free baking so this may also become a site of links to various gluten free recipes that I have tried and have been given the thumbs up by Jake :) 

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