Thursday, 20 January 2011

Silver plated necklace number 2

I am surprised I have gone down this route as I have always worked with sterling silver before now due to my own problems with other metals but I have to say i'm rather pleased with the outcome.  This is a much chunkier necklace than I have made with the sterling silver, each link being roughly 4mm long and 2.5mm wide and I think it really suits the beads and wire twists.  Everything is handmade including the hook and fastening and the whole design has a real sophisticated feel to it . .

Finally back to blogging :)

Well ive been away a bit longer than I meant to be.  What wit Christmas, new year and my youngest having a birthday the blog has had to take a back burner for a few weeks, but now i'm back with a few new items i've been working on!

This is the first of my latest creations which I must admit I absolutely love and will be sad when it finds a new home.  Its made from glass striped beads a beautiful mottled purple focal bead and mocha coloured faux pearls.  It comes on a silver plated and purple ribbon chain :)

I have to coonfess to enjoying making this necklace more than any other i've made so far as its just so . . . . fun! thats the only way I can describe it!  I want to put it on and go dancing all night in my little black dress!