Friday, 21 October 2011

Victorian Day

I really am bad about remembering to post on here, its life, it gets in the way! Two days ago, Jake decided to inform me that yesterday would be Victorian day and he needed a costume!  Cue mummy racking her brains to make up a costume without spending money.

Its amazing what you can make from a pair of school trousers, Grans old white shirt and a zip up top.  I'll admit I refused to cut off the sleeves of ANOTHER perfectly useable top to make a makeshift waistcoat (I dont know where the last one went after Tudor Day) so he was a bit of a modern Voctorian but it was a servicable outfit that didnt cost me a penny and could be reused.  I am still amazed at the children who turn up to these days in outfits that their parents have hired from fancy dress shops or even worse BOUGHT from ebay!!!  In the current climate who can afford this and to be honest there is no prize for the most realistic outfit so why bother?  Plus if you travelled back to these times, only the rich had these fabulous outfits, the poor kids did have outfits made from offcuts of material or their parents old clothes so those that got sent in make shift, miss matched costumes are more authentic than these overpriced shop bought outfits anyway.