Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Back with a whole new look :)

Oh dear I have been ignoring my blog, but on the plus side I have been busy with my crafting!  Went to the NEC Hobbycraft fair a few weeks ago (apologies to all who got bruised ankles due to my mothers irratic wheelchair pushing!!)

Ok onto a few new makes:

Ive gone very earthy all of a sudden and am very drawn to wooden beads, this sits like a loose choker around the neck and is made with silver plated wire and a mixture of wooden, metal, acrylic and faux pearl beads.  I am totally in love with this and if I had the neck for it would be keeping it, unfortunately my neck and wrists are the size of a childs which makes my mother happy as she gets to model everything I make for me so I can see how they sit (may have to make myself a smaller version one day hehehe)

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